Section 3 - Application Management (Assembly, Deployment and Configuration) ESIS Consulting LLC (C) ESIS Consulting LLC. All rights reserved Application Assembly Application contains code artifacts such as Servlets, JSPs, EJBs and supporting class files In order to be deployed onto a JEE Application

Server, the code artifacts need to be assembled as Modules There are various tools provided by IBM for assembly and deployment The outcome of using the assembly tool is deployable Archive file Application Assembly Cont... During assembly, you create annotations or deployment descriptors that will be used during deploy time You can also create environment specific

binding and IBM extensions for JEE The extensions definitions are stored in a separate deployment descriptor to allow portability You can edit any deployment descriptor manually using an XML editor or a text editor Deployable Modules Structure of an Enterprise Archive file (EAR file) EAR file is a standard Java Archive file (jar file)

with a .ear extension EAR file contains JEE Modules and deployment descriptors Application Root META-INF application.xml (enter ibm specifi application.xml here) EJB Module (.jar) WEB Module (.war) Client module (.jar) Resource Adapter module (.rar)

Tools available for Application assembly and deployment 1. IBM Assembly and Deploy tools for Websphere Administration 2. IBM WebSphere Application Server developer tools for Eclipse 3. IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software 4. Monitored directory feature http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/SG248022/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm remember to add questions on the tools

capabilities Tools available for Application assembly and deployment Cont ... 5. Using wsadmin scripts 6. Using Java programs that operate on WAS JMX MBeans 7. Using Java programs that that conforms to Java EE Application Deployment API specification (JSR-88). This method is deprecated

Structure of an EJB module EJB Module is packaged as jar file EJB Root META-INF ejb-jar.xml Class files EJBs can also be packaged with a WAR file of a Web Application for simplified deployment Structure of a Web Module

Web Module is packaged as WAR file which is a standard jar file with *.war extension Web Module Root WEB-INF web.xml lib/ (library archive files) classes/ (class files) tags/ (.tag files) jsp,static html files Business Level Application

Is a model that defines an application that is typically more than a JEE Application as it makes sense to the business (rather than IT) Can contain non WAS runtimes such as Web Servers, Proxy servers Is a configuration artifact that is stored in WAS configuration repository Provides management features for applications (install,activate,monitor,remove etc) requires no additional coding or packaging

OSGI Application Dynamic module based programming model Can plug in new modules (referred to as bundles) or update dynamically WAS uses Equinox as the framework for OSGI Applications Has three layers: Module layer, Lifecycle layer and Services layer The modules/bundles are packaged as JAR files OSGI Applications are packaged as EBA files (Enterprise Bundle Archive).

SCA - Service Component Architecture Is a programming model that enables to build complex applications using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Lets you create services out of existing components irrespective of the language used. (Language neutral) Services can be combined to create composites Components model makes the assembly of

business logic simple Insert picture ( ) http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/SG248022/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm Deploying Enterprise Applications Liberty Profile Two ways to deploy a Web Application 1. Drop the ear file or exploded directory into the configured dropins directory (by default dropins directory is automatically monitored) The location of the dropins directory is configurable

2. Add an Application element in server configuration file server.xml Deploying Enterprise Applications in Full Profile Using Admin Console: Applications > New Application > New Enterprise Application Deploying Enterprise Applications in Full Profile Cont...

You can install the following modules: EAR,WAR,JAR or SAR (Session Initiation Protocol Archive) You can upload these files either from the client you are accessing the Admin Console (Local) or from the Server running WAS (remote) You can choose 'Fast Path' or 'Detailed' mode for installation. 'Fast Path' prompts for more information only when required You can choose to generate default bindings and mappings Important installation options available: Precompile JavaServer Pages files (True or False) Distribute Application (True or False) Application Name Override class reloading settings for Web and EJB Modules

Reload interval Business Level Application Name (option to create new BLA) Deploying Enterprise Applications in Full Profile Cont... You can map the modules to Application Servers, Clusters or Web Servers Using IBM Assembly and Deploy Tools for WebSphere Administration Free tool to assemble and deploy Applications to WAS (Java EE, OSGi, Web Services applications are supported)

Fully integrated tools and support Publish Application to the Server Visual Editors, Code validators and automatic Deployment Descriptors Enhanced EAR editor Jython Scripting Editor and Debugger Does not include WebSphere Application Server Using WebSphere Developer Tools for Eclipse An Eclipsed based Lightweight development

environment for building JEE applications Can publish code locally and to remote servers Can be installed using IBM installation manager or using Eclipse Marketplace Does not include WebSphere Application Server Software Can be considered as a mini-RAD (Rational Application Developer)

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