Pressure - Weebly

Pressure - Weebly

Pressure _________ is a measure of the force that is applied on the surface of an object.

It is measured as a force per unit area The formula is represented as P=F/A The SI units for pressure is Pascal (Pa). 1 Pa is the force of one newton on an area of 1 m2.

Formula for Pressure: F P A P= Pressure (Pa)

F= Force (N) A= Area (m2) A brick falls from the third floor of a construction site. The brick hits the ground on its end, which measures 0.15 m by 0.25 m, with a force of 30 N. How much pressure is exerted by the brick on the

ground? (Hint: Area of a rectangle = width x length) A water glass sitting on a table weighs 4 N. The bottom of the water glass has a surface area of 0.003 m2. Calculate the pressure the glass of water exerts on the table.

Pressure due to Weight An object can exert downward pressure due to its weight and the force of gravity. As pressure ____________, the force applied also _________ and the area will _________.

_______ is any substance that has no definite shape and has the ability to flow. Examples include liquids and gases. Atmospheric Pressure ________________ is the weight of all the air above an

area pressing on the surface of the Earth. Atmospheric pressure exerts about 100,000 N of force over every square meter on Earth. As elevation _________, atmospheric pressure will ___________ A _________ is a tool used to measure the

atmospheric pressure. What forces allows objects to sink or float? __________________ are upward forces exerted by a fluid on any object in the

fluid. If the buoyancy force is greater than the force of gravity, then the object will be buoyed up (pushed to the surface) If the buoyancy force is less than the force of gravity, then the object will sink.

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY A SHIP MADE OF STEEL CAN FLOAT? A ship will float on ocean water even though it may be made of steel (whose density is much greater than the density of water), because it encloses a

volume of air (which has very less density when compared to the density of water), and the resulting shape has an average density that is less than that of the water. Will it sink or float? If the weight of an

object is greater than the buoyant force, will it sink or float? Archimedes principle The buoyant force on an

object is equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces. The object is exerting a

downward force (weight) on the water & the water is therefore exerting a upward force (buoyant force) on the object.

A floating object has a GREATER buoyant force acting upon it that is its own weight. A sinking object has a GREATER weight than the buoyant force on it.

Bernoulli's Principle increase in the speed of the fluid(or air):: decreases the pressure within the fluid.

The greatest application of this principle is used in airplanes. Lets think about the wings of airplanes.. The bottom air has to travel a shorter distance to the end of the wing so that the air

does not have to travel fast. These varying speeds create a difference in pressures. This air pressure difference exerts a upward force on the wings that keeps the airplane in the air. fast current (low pressure)

slow current (high pressure) Net Force (UPWARDS) Pascals principle When a force is applied to a fluid in a

closed container, the pressure in the fluid increases everywhere by the same amount. This effect is used in hydraulics to

create a mechanical advantage by having the force applied to a small piston

Pascal's Principle an outside pressure is applied at any point to a fluid in a container, that pressure is transmitted

throughout the fluid with equal strength. Explanation His principle states that P1 = P2. This means

that we can lift large objects, like the car below, by using a minimal force on the left cylinder.

Define these words in your notebooks: Pressure Pascal Fluid

Atmospheric Pressure Barometer Buoyancy Archimedes Principle Bernoullis Principle Pascals Principle

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