ANNUAL REPORT 2005/2006 PRESENTATION TO PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: CONSERVATION TARGET ACHIEVEMENT Park Expansion (26 27 328ha acquired 265ha to be added) Remove alien invasive species in 112 000ha Removed in 113 400ha Implement TFCA programme Delivery in line with project plan Recommendation report Recommendation

on elephant presented to Minister management PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: CONSERVATION TARGET ACHIEVEMENT Develop State of Biodiversity Management Reporting System System has been developed Increase in the number of research projects conducted in national parks

Achieved 46% increase (155 new projects) Implement provisions of PAA Park Management Plans initiated PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: TOURISM TARGET ACHIEVEMENT To improve on % of Improved from 11,5% to black visitors to national 18,8% parks Improve occupancy % levels Improved from average 64,7% to 66%

Revise Tourism Business Model Draft Revised Model completed PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: TOURISM TARGET ACHIEVEMENT Grading of 40% of tourism 50% of tourism facilities facilities graded Funding Proposal for tourism infrastructure overhaul Funding allocated by DEAT amounting to R396 million

Improve Concession Net Income Concession Net Income increased from R8,553,250 to R10,273,115 PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: TOURISM TARGET ACHIEVEMENT Improve concession occupancy average Average annual occupancies increased from 33% to 43% Growth in Wild card sales

Wild card sales grew by 9,533 to 81,000 PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: P&C TARGET ACHIEVEMENT Establish park forums in 12 national parks Park Forums established in 11 national parks Delivery on the Expanded Public Works Programme Delivery in line with project plan Reach 2,500 learners in Kids Reached 2,600 learners and in Parks & 85,000 people in 86,000 people other awareness

programmes PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: P&C TARGET ACHIEVEMENT Develop State of System developed Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Management Reporting System PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: HR TARGET ACHIEVEMENT Achieve EE ratio of 89% Achieved EE ratio of 94% Implementation of an Employee Satisfaction

Survey Questionnaire has been developed Develop a Performance Measurement System Measurement System developed PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: HR TARGET ACHIEVEMENT HIV & AIDS Programme 81% of staff participated (Prevalence Survey) in Prevalence Survey Implement formal Guidelines set for the

Individual Development programmes and Plans for employees and process started a Coaching & Mentoring Programme PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: REPUTATION TARGET ACHIEVEMENT Implement Brand Enhancement Programme Project Plan Developed Establish baseline for universal access Baseline established at 4,48% of

accommodation Improve media representation Value of media coverage estimated at R10milion PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJ.: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE TARGET ACHIEVEMENT Introduce Project Management & Reporting System Project implemented, to be finalised in new financial year Implementation of a

Balanced Scorecard Balanced Scorecard has been developed Introduce a whistle blowing system Project started Assessment of state of OHS compliance All parks assessed and baseline set PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: FINANCIAL TARGET ACHIEVEMENT Achieve break-even budget

Achieved break-even budget Improve Income to Cost ratio Income to Cost ratio reduced from 90.77% to 90.11% Grow Revenue by 14% 10% achieved due to over estimation of conservation fees Enhance Return on Investment (ROI) All infrastructure projects had ROI as built-in measure of success PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: FINANCIAL 31 March 2006

31 March 2005 R'000 R'000 Tourism, retail, concessioning and other 486,048 441,184 Operational grants received 102,720 85,631 Income from special project grants

116,808 52,822 8,888 10,713 Land acquisition grant 41,000 41,000 Sale of fauna and flora for land expansion 11,579 14,802 Donations

18,698 6,577 785,741 652,729 746,482 612,699 Revenue Other operating income Expenses Cost of sales of retail operations Operating expenses Administration expenses 71,088

51,113 179,847 179,299 88,148 72,927 Compensation of employees 290,591 256,538 Expenses relating to special project grants 116,808 52,822

39,259 40,030 2,090 1,690 7,173 7,318 Surplus from operations Net investment income Investment income Adjustment to fair value of listed investments Finance costs Surplus for the year -

1,052 (5,083) (6,680) 41,349 41,720 PERFORMANCE AGAINST OBJECTIVES: FINANCIAL REPORT ON REMUNERATION 2001 Conditions of Service for Exco changed from permanent to fixed contract employment Benefits reduced & bonus of 70% package introduced on low-salary base. [paid out 01/02; 02/03; 03/04] 2005/06 Salary Adjustment (Potential Bonus reduced to 25%) Deloitte commissioned in 2004/05 to do a study of salary situation across organisation and specifically on Executive pay

Adjustments led to skewed figures than normal packages 05/06 Annual Report REMUNERATION Board decided on a shift from low income/high incentive to market-related packages/low incentive Incentive is linked to performance achievements based on the Balanced Score-card Since SANParks is not a high profit organization, basic salaries have to be market-related Increases were mere 6% and 6,5% BIODIVERSITY MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES CORPORATE OBJECTIVE Attain leadership in biodiversity and cultural heritage management CHALLENGE/RISK

Damage causing animals damage to boundary fences destroying of crops Disease management spreading of diseases disease outbreaks Species management Elephant management Wild dog management Be the custodian of choice Mandate to manage national parks (constitutional directive) High land prices for Protected Areas Marine Protected Areas- alignment with MLRA & PAA Land claims high expectations Beneficiation compensation for improvements TOURISM DEVELOPMENT

CHALLENGES CORPORATE OBJECTIVE CHALLENGE/RISK Become Nature based Tourism Destination Of choice Limited skills base to draw from in the fields of Nature Conservation Guiding and Hospitality Management. Tourism infrastructure upgrading to ensure we meet Grading Council requirements. Insufficient Growth of Black Tour operators Enhance SANParks Reputation Insufficient Marketing Budgets for Research, Domestic marketing Campaigns and International Marketing Initiatives.

Commercialisation BEE setbacks (Restaurants & Brandwag Hotel) PEOPLE & CONSERVATION CHALLENGES CORPORATE OBJECTIVE CHALLENGE/RISK Cultural Heritage (indigenous knowledge and oral histories) Rely on external funding (funds could dry up before project completion) Limited information and research Inadequate interpretive & management skills amongst staff No proper infrastructure (museums, interpretive centers, etc) Kids in Parks & Imbewu

Projects (Dedicated access programs for disadvantaged youth) Rely on external funding. Limited staff resources. Park based education programmes Largely reliant on external funding. Park resources are limited and may hinder delivery PEOPLE & CONSERVATION CHALLENGES CORPORATE OBJECTIVE CHALLENGE/RISK Community conservation initiatives Reliance on external funds brings uncertainty in

terms deliverables. Land restitution & post settlement support Reliance on the settlement of claims, and the willingness of the affected communities to engage after the restitution process Stakeholder participation processes External public participation processes can yield unexpected results, since it is reliant on the input from the broader public HUMAN RESOURCE CHALLENGES CORPORATE OBJECTIVE CHALLENGE/RISK

Strategic Human Resource management HR Strategy requires improvement Efficiency levels Structure versus BP deliverables Weaknesses in the HR Information System Inaccurate information Record management Attract , Develop and retain the suitable human capital Recruitment plan requires improvement Service level to manage placement turn around time and recruitment demands HR Development & Training Talent management and retention SAFETY & SECURITY CHALLENGES

CORPORATE OBJECTIVE CHALLENGE/RISK Be the custodian of choice for Protected Areas Resources protection from poaching by local and crossboundary entities Become the nature-based destination of choice Employee and visitor safety in national parks under threat from criminal elements TARGETS FOR 2006/2007: FINANCIAL Improve Income to Cost Ratio to 88% Achieve R458,500,000 tourism revenue Determine baseline against alternative sources of revenue Achieve <10% variance of actual against budget

Development of a Contract Management System and programme Integrate Wild Card System and web-based reservations to Roomseeker to improve efficacy TARGETS FOR 2006/2007: CONSERVATION Purchase 20,000ha for land expansion Achieve 70% of project deliverables against biome initiatives (ABI, Garden Route, GG/QQ amalgamation, New Vaalbos) Remove alien invasive species in 131,507ha TFCA implementation programme Rollout of Park Management Plans Rehabilitation of land (redundant structures, farmlands & archeological sites) TARGETS FOR 2006/2007: CONSERVATION Operationalise the Cape Town Research Node Achieve 98% adherence to Enhanced Scientific Advisory Council Project

Implement 98% of State of Biodiversity Management Reporting System TARGETS FOR 2006/2007: TOURISM Finalise Revised Tourism Model Revise Commercialisation Strategy in line with lessons learnt Complete 100% grading of tourism facilities Implement Uniform Tourism Standards Implement Customer Satisfaction Index Tourism Infrastructure Development Programme Replace KNP Restaurant Operator TARGETS FOR 2006/2007: TOURISM Achieve 22% black visitor demographics Achieve 67% Occupancy Conduct Marketing Research into emerging markets and devise action plan Achieve Good BEE Contributor Status on the Tourism BEE Scorecard

Increase Wild card sales by 10% Review Sales Strategy & Model Develop Yield Management Efficiency Programme TARGETS FOR 2006/2007: PEOPLE & CONSERVATION Achieve 80% of national parks with effective park forums Broaden Kids in Parks Programme to 5 other national parks Implement 70% of project deliverables on Restitution Plans Complete an Economic Impact Assessment Study of national parks Increase published social science research by 10% Implement 98% of State of Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Management Reporting System TARGETS FOR 2006/2007: HUMAN RESOURCES

Retain EE ratio of 94% Implement a Management Information System Performance Management programme Implement Employee Satisfaction Survey Implement Career Pathing and Succession Planning Programme Implement a Coaching and Mentoring Programme Implement a Know Your Status (HIV&AIDS) campaign Implement a Lifestyle Management Programme Implement a Remuneration Strategy TARGETS FOR 2006/2007: ENHANCE REPUTATION Achieve 70% delivery on Brand Enhancement project Achieve effective Media Engagement Programme Introduce an annual South African National Parks Week

programme Improve universal access to national parks by 70% towards target baseline Implement Corporate Safety & Security Programme Maintain presence in key international markets Target emerging markets through focused segmented media TARGETS FOR 2006/2007: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Achieve 50% procurement from BEE compliant suppliers Achieve 5% improvement on Corporate Risk Profile Achieve 100% BSC implementation Achieve 100% compliance to OHS legislation

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